Abandoned Farmhouse in a Field

I came across this old abandoned farmhouse structure completely randomly while I was driving backroads and less travelled highways one weekend.  I had decided to work my way up toward Oklahoma from East Texas but I wanted to get off the more common routes and just meander through Northeast Texas on backroads, just to see more of what is out there than you see when you are speeding by at 75 MPH on the interstate.
I was rewarded with this awesome little scene of this decaying farm structure / barn with the roof almost completely blown off by storms and wind over the years, set against a large open field.  It’s always fun to find abandoned structures and stop to take a look and imagine what once was and what may have caused them to be left unattended to become ghostly remnants of their previous selves, and see what time and neglect has done to them.

I’m intrigued by the mystery of what was and why… and there is a beauty in the way nature has played it’s part in the current condition of these structures.

Hope you enjoy!

Photo of an abandoned, crumbling farmhouse in a field in north Texas

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