Before Sunrise At The Lake

Before Sunrise At The Lake

I set my alarm extra early one cool Saturday morning recently so I could have the opportunity to get a sunrise photo at this location at the lake.  I have been here several times at sunrise to make photos because the clouds are always different and that is one of those difficult to predict pieces of the puzzle when shooting landscape photos.  You never really know what you are going to get until you are there at the moment.  Several times I have had nice cloud cover when I began my drive to the location, but when I arrived the clouds had either completely disappeared or spread out in such a way that I was not satisfied with the way the image would look.  The sky plays a significant part in the overall look and I attempt to capture the image when the sky compliments the scene as much as possible.  I like the way the edge of the line of clouds roughly follows the tree line here, allowing the outline of the trees to be visible against the lighter sky and in the reflection in the water.

There were no other people around so it was very calm and peaceful with no distractions at all.  Just an awesome sunrise laid out for me to take in.  It was sort of a shame that no one else got to experience it though.  So here it is, for everyone else who was still sleeping in their cozy, warm beds…  Enjoy!

Picture of the tree lined lake moments before sunrise

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