Dramatic Sunset Over the Lake

Dramatic Sunset Over The Lake

I shot this several weeks ago.  The skies were looking awesome and I grabbed my gear and headed to the lake to shoot at sunset.  I didn’t think I was going to make it because as I was driving there, the sky was getting better and better.  I almost stopped on the side of the road to shoot it over some ranchland a few times on my way, but I decided to keep pressing on and go to my original planned location at the lake.  Luckily, I got there just in time to shoot this.   A few minutes later it was all gone.

So much of doing this type of photography is dependent on the weather and clouds doing their part and me having the ability to get there when it is all coming together.  Many times I see great skies forming and I drive somewhere to shoot and then by the time I get there or by the time the sun is setting, the clouds have all gone and all the drama is missing from the skies. And still many other times I look at the sky and see nothing and decide not to go out shooting, and then, when it is too late to get anywhere, I notice that some perfect clouds have rolled in and the sky is awesome and all I can do is watch it go by.   It is nice to get there when everything falls into place at the right time!

Photo of the dramatic sunset with clouds over the lake with grass in the foregroupd

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