“Fire in the Sky” Sunset at the lake

“Fire in the sky” sunset at the lake.

I noticed the clouds were looking nice the other evening so I drove out to the lake to see if I could catch anything interesting at sunset and I was rewarded with this. As it was happening, I was thinking about how I almost didn’t bother going out because I can only see a small part of the sky where I live because of all the trees, and it is only the sky immediately above. I have to actually leave home to see how it looks further off in the distance. It can look great right above and be completely void of clouds toward the horizon. Happy I decided to take a chance on it!

The sky went through several phases during the sunset but this was the most intense color and it only stayed at this intensity for about 15-30 seconds then it faded. Don’t blink, you’ll miss it! Luckily I was ready and waiting for it just in case it decided to give me a little show.

The lake was mostly calm which made for a nice reflection of the sky in the water. There had been several boats running back and forth stirring up the water, but the stopped a few minutes before this. Maybe they decided to stop and watch the awesome sunset too.  Or maybe they were going home before dark.  Either way, I was happy they decided to stop and let the water calm back down for this shot.

This is the kind of sky I hope for every time I go out somewhere to set up for a shot. Sometimes you get it, and sometimes the sky doesn’t cooperate.

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