Hello! And Welcome To My New Home…

Well… Not my new home as in where I actually live… I’m talking about my new home on the interwebs. This place!

It’s actually the same address as before, so technically it isn’t new, it’s more of a remodel. But I totally changed everything up, so if you’ve been here before, nothing is the same. And if you haven’t then you wouldn’t really know, but it was different before. Trust me!  Either way, I hope you like it.

There isn’t much in here at this point, which is normal when you first get a new place I suppose. But I will be adding some new furnishings soon, so keep checking back!  I have actually made a lot of changes to more than just the aesthetics here. I have been making a different kind of art lately, and it has been a lot of fun, and I am excited to start sharing it with the world.

I am still a photographer. I didn’t change up mediums (at least not yet). But I have switched up the method and subject matter a bit.  I have been concentrating on making Landscape/Nature/Travel type photographs. I have actually been doing these for years, but I did’t really make them a serious priority until recently. I don’t know why, but it seems like I had been fighting it.

I love many different genres of photography and, I think to an extent, we all travel through many different ones on our path as we learn and narrow down the ones we want to pursue, and develop a style along the way.  I know I have spent significant time learning and then doing many different genres along my path.  The nice thing about that is they are all related in different ways, so it isn’t really a waste of time to immerse yourself into one specific genre for a while then move to the next. You can use pieces that you learn from each as you move forward on your journey, and I believe that helps you to have more in your “bag of tricks” when you are faced with a new and unknown situation.

One thing I have learned about myself along my own journey is the fact that I like to help others who are interested in photography.   So, I decided to change my site up and move away from strictly a web page where I show off my work to something more…   So this is where I will be sharing my experiences, along with my photos, even some behind the scenes images, and possibly some videos in the future.  I will also be writing up articles here that I think may be helpful to others as well.  And if I get the urge, I might review some equipment too. Who knows where this may go.

And back to that “new home” discussion we were having above… In a bit of a different context…  This is an sample of where I have been shooting more lately as opposed to being in a studio with no windows (my new “home” when I am shooting).   One aspect of why I am enjoying this genre of photography: I get to experience things that many people don’t. Not that most people couldn’t have seen this.  Just that most people were probably still sleeping, instead of getting up at 5:30 to pack up and head out to some interesting location to wait for the sun to come up.


In some other cases it might involve a hike for several hours away from the car to get to a location to catch the sun setting, followed by the same several hour hike back out in the dark.

The cool part is that I get to share the results of that effort with everyone through the photos I make.  And even though they weren’t there in person, they can still enjoy it.

I guess that will work for my first entry into my new blog type site (home).  If you are still here at this point, thanks for managing to read through my ramblings, and I hope you all enjoy the new site and content!