Sunset at Barton Creek | Austin Landscape Photographer

I found this awesome location on Barton Creek after several zig-zags and end of trails and backtracking and going many different ways. I’m not totally sure I could find my way back there again without some searching. But it was such a cool place that I will definitely try to find it again at some point.

This is yet another of the many amazing places around the Austin Texas area.  And another of them that was surprisingly unpopulated.

They call it a creek, but where I come from, creeks are small and sometimes don’t even have water in them. This seems more like a small river, and the water is running through it at a pretty rapid rate.  Maybe a “stream” is a better definition.

I guess you could classify this as a waterfall, though it is a short one… maybe more of a small set of rapids. Either way, it is an interesting water feature with the water flowing over and around the rocks.

I actually waded out into the middle of the stream with my camera and put my tripod right into the water so I could set up for this shot.  The water felt great by the way.  I had to secure the tripod because the current was actually trying to push it down the rocky bottom of the stream.

I hope you like it!

Picture of the sun set in the background behind a view up a stream with a small waterfall

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