Sunset at the Pennybacker bridge in Austin

I came across this place west of Austin Texas and had to stop and check it out.  There were two cliffs, one on either side of the highway.  I went up on the cliff that you can see in the right side of the photo first, but I wanted to get the bridge in the shot along with the sunset, so I crossed the highway and climbed up the cliff on the other side.  It was perfect!  There is a trail up there but I didn’t get to go exploring and see where it went. Just one more reason to go back!

This is an awesome location to catch the sunset and I will definitely have to come back and get additional shots of it from other locations in the future.  I would also like to see it at sunrise, photographing in the other direction up the river, from the other cliff.

I was a little nervous on this one because two of my tripod legs were literally 6 inches from the edge of the cliff to get this angle. A gust of wind or the wrong move and I would watch my equipment doing some cliff diving.  Or worse, a slip-up or tripping over something that close to the edge and I might be the one doing the cliff diving myself!  I didn’t bring a towel, so taking a dip in the river was not on the agenda. Thankfully none of that actually happened.

I have been working on this in post processing for several hours, but sitting back now looking at it as I am putting this post together is really making me miss being there. I can’t wait to get back there again.

Picture of the sunset from a cliff overlooking the pennybacker bridge (360 bridge) west of Austin Texas

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