Waterfall at Forty Foot Hole – Wichita Mountains

I spent the 4th of July weekend with my son exploring the Wichita Mountains. I gave him two options – a 4 hour drive to Austin or a 4.5 hour drive to see mountains. He chose the mountains. Excellent choice!

Officially named the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Reserve, it is part of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service system, and is located in Southwest Oklahoma near Lawton. It is full of all kinds of outdoors fun! It contains a small mountain range, canyons, a protected wildlife area with Bison, Longhorn Cattle and Elk on 59,000 acres. There are miles of hiking trails as well as lakes, scenic areas, picnic areas, camping areas and even a place to hang out and watch prairie dogs doing what they do (which appears to consist of watching the humans and eating). It is also a very popular area for rock climbing with lots of granite walls and rock to work with. 

The canyon where this waterfall is located is one of my favorite places in the area. It is a bit of a hike from the closest point you can get to by car but definitely worth the effort, especially since it is a little further away than many people venture out, so there isn’t a huge crowd there, and you could find yourself there completely alone, which makes it that much better. We went back there on two different days during our visit.  The first time we went it ended up raining and we had to climb out of the canyon and hike back in a downpour. We got soaked but luckily all the camera equipment survived without any issues.

We came back the next day and I was able to get this photo of the multiple level waterfall, which I had been in the process of shooting when the rain came the day before.  There was a small breeze blowing through the canyon and the only sound you could hear was the waterfall. No one else was around. It was awesome!

Picture of a multiple level waterfall in a canyon in the Wichita Mountains

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